Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm a little depressed this few days..lots of work + me n her + 'other things'...
So i just take a a picture from the internet..and start doodling....and as a result

..kamen rider black (that my brother criticize "WTH are u drawin'?!!")
Well, i'm not so much of an artist in the 1st place..i just like to draw :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Aku ni jenis yg malas nk menulis...kenape aku wat blog ni, aku pon x sure...maybe peer pressure, maybe saje suke2 nk berblog mcm org len gak....
Setakat nie, antare blog2 yg aku slalu g adalah deathinromance, jr aku nyer...n then justkhai & BN (beautiful nara yek..bkn Be End ;P)....n byk lagi random blog yg aku singgah......pada aku, BN mmg byk topik sbb blog jr aku ngan si khai tu, byk je idea nk menulis...seronok gak aku bacfe ape yg org len fikirkan....
Sedar x sedar...dah 10 bulan aku di Paka, Terengganu....keje kat sini.dh mcm2 org aku jumpe, mcm2 perangai, mcm2 rupe........ade saat suka...duka....kerje mmg byk, tp org lain tgk mcm aku ni x wat keje...pelek sungguh...
Mase ni lah aku bercintan cintun...mase nie gak lah putus....hai, hati perempuan, mmg susah nk diduga...anyway, saat kite bersame selame 5 bln ni xkn ku lupe...terima kasih gak pd kawan2 yg bg pandangan dan nasihat...
Byk gak yg aku merepekkan kat sini.....sampai sini aje ler...chow..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Next week...

To you,
This feeling....i dunno when it pop juz there, without me ask me since when do i like you? i can't give a precise answer....i woke up one day, only to find that i have feelings for you....
I have feelings for you, but doesn't mean that you'll will have the same feelings for me. That's why, i would to meet you...even just one you in person...
what answer that you will give, i do not know, but i'll accept it =) but i really like to thank you..for these feelings, these emotions, that i feel, that I've never felt before....looking forward to meet you next week..

To my dear frenz,
I'll be in KL for my training starting next week 9th nov...see you there, guys... :D

Monday, September 21, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar wa lillahilhamd.

Once Again..Selamat Hari Raya, 3rd of Syawal, i wud like to talk about ~l~o~v~e~ :D

Love…hmm...What is love? Does anyone know the true meaning? Is it when a guy date a girl she likes even though his wallet thickness decrease exponentially…or a girl date a guy she’s in love with, though she knows that she’s not the only one the guy date? Can we say a guy and a girl that sits side by side on a bench and happily chat with each other is in love….

Well, maybe I’m not a proper person to talk about this, since I have many gf, but I dun have any luv..u know what I mean :P..but still I like to ramble about this…I observed many type of what people described as love along my 20+ years I’ve been living in this planet thy call earth :D my schooldays, in the matrix, I’n my U days…and maybe at my workplace ..

I’m come out with this topic coz I’ve suddenly remembered my 2 frenz J. Let’s call them A & B.

They’re roommates. I dun like to class people looks, well not because I’m just an average guy :p (like I always say to me frenz, ‘ko ckp die x ensem, mcm la ko ni ensem sgt’..), but I think that beautiful, handsome, good-looking or anything you like to put is subjective. Girl X maybe beautiful in my eyes, but not urs..Guy Y maybe be charming to girl M but not girl N.

Back to Fren A & B. To make this easy, lets just say that A is less charming than B. For as long as I know, A is a good guy. He loves chatting. One day he chats with a girl. They agree to meet each other. He go as a single and came back as couple. Two weeks after that, the girl dumped him. He frustrated, throws his mobile to the wall in his room..come to my room and complaining that his mobile is broken…well, my reaction was, WTF!! You’ve just met the girl for two weeks..that’s no reason to get pissed…is not like been dating for years and one day you know he dumped u for another guy…Wth you come to my room complaining that u broke ur handphone..but after that I realize, what those 2 weeks means to him…sorry bro..

As for his roommate, well, how can I put it….to find a girl is easy as a, b, c…or maybe 1,2 3…. Not to say that B is a playboy, but that the truth….I still remember when one day we chit chat..out of nowhere he start to feed us with how he was dumped. ‘Aku punye la setia kat die, siap mase blk kg dlm train ade awek lawa sblh aku, aku tahan; x mintak pon no telefon awek tu. Last sekali die putuskan hubungan ngan aku…’if I can recall, the dialogues is sumthin like that. 2@3 days after, in a blink of an eye (or maybe both), tadaaa…a new gf…

All that happens is fate. People can accept it, but sometimes they cant……well, I think I’ll save this for my next entry.. :D

p/s: while we r still in syawal..dun forget to takbir raya as many as we can..and also, dun 4get Puasa 6 kay J

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Assalamualaikum wbt,

After a month of fasting (wif so many trial; cobaan :P) in ramadhan, finally its AidilFitri J

I wanna wish u guys, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, from the 1st time I met u all till now :D

This raya is different from before, since before this, I’m just one of the unemployed grad…but now I’m employedJ. But 1st thing 1st, condolence to my fren, Fairuz a.k.a Pau who lost his dad 2 days before raya due to an accident. Maybe his soul blessed by ALLAH. Al-Fatihah.

Alhamdulillah, although its my 1st time Hari Raya after I’ve strat working, luckily I’ve managed to have my holiday and beraya at kampong…though I nearly beraya at my office…well, we always planned ahead, but it’s by ALLAH’s will that our plan succeed….

These days, car is a must..even though….and I finally realized that..few of the times that I feel like buying one wud be while I’m riding home on my bike and it’s raining and at the same time I’ve a flu…another instance wud be time for balik kampong when the ticket r sold out and they dun have any flight directly from Terengganu to Perak…on normal occasion, I think a bike wud suffice my needs J

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kajang, here i come :)

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy Ramadhan, may this year's Ramadhan is better than the last 1. Yes, finally, after working at Petronas Gas Berhad (specifically at GPPB) for about 4 months, i've use my 1st annual leave.

It's significant to me since i havent went back to Kajang since the 1st day i arrived at Paka. Arrived home around 0030 hours 28th of Aug (thank to Yob for letting me tag along). It's feel so good to see your family rather to hear voices via phone. My 3 year old brother havent sleep yet at that time. And imo, he's extremly happy to see me.....well that's a releif..i thought he will be scared, since it's been four months since i last see them. Well. it's fun spending some time with your family.

On the nextday, i'm off to my alma matter, UM. arriving at Sang Kancil's room, after a few knoncking, i enter the room, to my horror... Yasin's, Ucop's n Prebet's dead bodies....wth, these guys r still sleeping. Come on la, it's already 10 in the morning...aiyoo..Then move on to the project. Iftar Jamaie, what ucop called it. I've planned to organized a majlis berbuka..well, since i'm currently working, and these guys are yet to graduate and it's to show my gratitude to all of these people that have been supporting me when i'm in 'graduan menganggur' mode for 6 months...May ALLAH bless you all, Amin..

Thanks to Yasin, Prebet and Ucop for the preparations. Also many2 thanks to the attendees, thanks for your time. As for the people that unable to attend, maybe i'll treat you guys next time....Along with Encik Rizal's double large pizza..hehe....After that, on with Solat would be Solat Isyak n Terawih at Masjid Negara.
Thanks Manjong for driving us there..

Btw, Sang Kancil, thanks for sending my artwork..i'm really grateful..
Next time i'll treat you, k.. :)

till next time, guys.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day,

Finally, i've a little time to blog :P..after so long unemployed, finally now i'm with Petronas. Alhamdullilah, syukur...Thank you to family/frenz/anyone who doa for me :) . I'll try my best, ganbatte kudasai!!

1st time in Paka (for those who dunno, Paka is in T'ganu), i'm a bit shocked....well since the price for the goods here are equal to KL (sometimes it's more expensive), but the facilities...duh...
1st day reporting for duty, my pocket money dah melayang rm40 for a cab to my hotel room. The distance is just like from, let say 3/4 the distance UM to One make things worse, i cant claim the money ouch...:( I'll save my story in paka for another day...

Btw, John, i'm not giving up the drawings..there is still time...i'll scan my drawings and have you comment it..ok bro?